Hoboken Valentine: a political operative love story

The Mile Square City has seen a reprieve from the ides of February and rain decimated a fine bunch of the fluffy stuff yesterday meaning the slop outside will be more frightening and a bunch of guys aren’t off the hook from going to Jared’s or dealing with an immeasurably inequitable patron saint’s day.

As a result, more episodes of divorce court will be born today in bad expectations but one love story will survive.

A love supreme? Councilwoman Beth Mason keeps Matt Calicchio on the Mason family payroll even with his numerous
unsavory “activities.” The latest is a court case where he’s alleged to have menaced a Hoboken senior, a woman who lives
in Fox Hills being heard in Union City Municipal Court. The case was moved out of town to eliminate any potential
conflict as Calicchio works for Beth Mason.

Although he’s facing multiple charges of menacing re: thug activities alleged by a woman who is a Hoboken senior at the Fox Hills building in uptown Hoboken, fourth ward Democratic Committeeman Matt Calicchio serves at the behest of counte$$, known to others as the second ward councilwoman, Beth Mason.

Calicchio himself has been known to pitch a less than impeachable fabrication he’s not a full time political operative for Beth Mason. He’s claimed he works “for the family” at an “Art Gallery’ in open court for which he makes regular visits.  (His current case of menacing a senior woman is ongoing in Union City Municipal Court but has yet to find its way in local news reports for some odd reason.)

Was that conflict borne out of the fact he’s illegally living in the Fox Hills building? HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia says it isn’t true but everyone else in the know says otherwise.

There’s an endearing love between Beth and Matt even with reports alleging Calicchio attempting to convince (or purchase) phone sex from an unwilling Albany woman and other less than savory activities too numerous to mention on this religious feast day of love.

A year ago, Greg Bond took this telling video at a Hoboken Housing meeting. He appears to be fleeing from thuggish activity by the one and the same Matt Calicchio.  The only question some have is does Calicchio get extra bonus pay or paid vacation to wrestling matches around the county for his “extra effort” to derail reform transparency efforts filming a governmental meeting?

Last Valentine’s Day, Mr. Bond took away time from being part of a dynamic Hoboken couple enjoying the evening to filming this insightful masterpiece on Hoboken politics.

Some may say the “song remains the same,” but there’s new dance partners on the scene.

(Click on the full size button on the lower right of the video. You’ll be glad you did.)

Talking Ed Note: Who says Beth Mason doesn’t pay to make Hoboken better? Maybe she can start reforming her cancerous assault on Hoboken by paying a wage to Matt Calicchio so he can live other than what many suspect is illegally with his grandmother at the Fox Hills senior building. Officially, Calicchio has a fourth ward Marshall Drive address in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Just put more money there Beth instead of lawsuits attempting to silence the First Amendment rights of Hoboken residents. It may not feed your ravenous vindictiveness but it won’t add to the weight of the hell you’ve created for yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Greg Bond’s original 2013 Valentine’s story:

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