“Hoboken UMC will not close”

The Hoboken University Medical Center CEO, Spiros Hatiras just submitted a statement:

Smarty –  We agree with you that the recently released numbers speak for
themselves.  The hospital has cut 2008 losses by 50% and has a better
than break-even budget for 2010.  The concessions union members,
physicians, and other employees voluntarily gave us were shown in detail
to the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority’s Finance Committee and
outlined at the Authority’s most recent public meeting.  The loyalty,
commitment and generosity of our employees have impressed people in the
health care industry.  We can’t speculate on Councilman Lenz’s agenda
but we are certainly disappointed by his comments. Fortunately, he is
wrong.  Hoboken UMC will not close.  We are here for a long time to save
lives, improve lives, deliver new lives and continue to serve his

Spiros Hatiras

Minutes ago, Councilman Mike Lenz also emailed an additional comment for publication:

I read with interest your recent your comment on my comment, which was made in the context of explaining why it would be irresponsible to assume (as some would have it) that this is the tough year and that city finances will be much better next year.  To that point we have heard that song before.
I, like you, spent some time on the phone late today with Commissioner Tamarazzo and others and learned that a large amount of data has just been made available to the Commissioners, as recently as today.  I also recieved a cordial call from the HUMC CEO Spiros Hatiras assuring me that all requested information was or would soon be provided.  This is very welcome news indeed.  In order to survive HUMC must not only overcome its financial challenges, it must overcome the crisis of confidence exacerbated by the prior administration’s secretive way of operating.  Mr. Hatiras has pledged to do much better, and these recent developments support his claim.
There may very well be too many local hospitals for all to operate without challenges, but with innovative programs, new investment, a capable and committed staff and the support of the local community, HUMC may well not only survive but thrive.  A key to doing so will be strong leadership committed to cooperation and transparancy.  I believe we have that in the HUMC Board.  I am strengthened in my hope today that we have that in Mr, Hatiras and his team.  The hospital’s success is Hoboken’s success, and I remain committed to supporting that however I can.
Michael Lenz  

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