Hoboken Sopranos go for divide and conquer using an ice cream truck

At last week’s City Council meeting, odd comments from Councilwoman Terry Castellano said everyone should be able to have their voice heard no matter how long they live in Hoboken.  It’s a remarkable statement deflating the divide and conquer class warfare often propagated by some in the Old Guard to keep control over Old Hoboken voters.

Days later a controversy has broken out over an ice cream truck at Church Square Park.  The voices are however not what we’re being told.  Here’s the most recent comments from supporters of Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti’s petition claiming a threat to an ice cream truck:

Anyone recognize these similar sounding voices?
Has a familiar Old Guard dog whistle doesn’t it?

According to Grafix Avenger, it’s Castellano and Occhipinti’s new brand of divide and conquer phony ice cream truck politics.

Original graphic – courtesy Grafix Avenger

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