Hoboken smashed with 14.5% tax hike by Hudson County

The saying “elections have consequences” applies and a spring election for an office too many voters don’t know or understand with the title of Freeholder delivered a disaster for Hoboken taxpayers as the county legislative body last night approved a half a billion plus budget with a 14.5% tax hike for the Mile Square City.

This makes your HudCo tax bill the largest of the three two years running. At this rate, it will continue to pull away and within some undetermined years time exceed your local municipal and school taxes combined.

Hoboken’s Phil Cohen attended the meeting and wrote last night via his Facebook page:

Tonight, the Hudson County Board of Freeholders approved a $512 million dollar budget that will raise Hoboken’s County taxes by 14.5% and Jersey City’s County taxes by 5.8%! The biggest piece of the Hoboken tax bill is about to go up 14.5%.

During the public session, I took the microphone and spoke out against this budget as unfair to Hoboken and Jersey City residents. I believe the Freeholders need better tools at their disposal in order to get county spending under control. I called for a top-to-bottom independent performance audit of all county operations to give us a road map to cut county spending. Enough is enough.

Earlier this month, Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano won the primary against Cohen and will coast to victory against an unknown Republican candidate in November. He’s making appearances as if he’s running for something but is it Freeholder?

Hoboken homeowners should whip out this calculator as their stiff Hudson County taxes will see a double digit increase.
The Hudson County Board of Freeholders, the county legislative body just approved a 14.5% tax hike.

Talking Ed Note: 600 votes would have made the difference in Hoboken in June’s low turnout Freeholder Democratic Primary. If a better effort to educate and get out the vote had taken place perhaps the brakes may have at least been tapped. As it stands now, Hoboken can expect to be pillaged by HudCo for the next three years.

In other news, an emergency Hoboken Housing Authority meeting was held last night to take action on the block of the new HHA chair Dana Wefer who was not authorized with the agency’s bank to sign checks. Her week long effort to resolve the simple matter with the contracted Executive Director Carmelo Garcia precipitated a crisis as he refused to administer the easy change done annually with the HHA’s Board of Commissioners vote for a new chair.  Then he left on vacation putting everyone in the lurch and leaving the Chairwoman with hundreds of checks the bank refused to honor.

The latest sabotage on the agency is the most visible sign of insubordination by Carmelo Garcia who is currently facing a special counsel investigation after millions in contracts were discovered approved completely outside federal law and required procurement procedures.

Some of the those same vendors were revealed in an exclusive MSV story contributing thousands of dollars to Carmelo Garcia’s political committee.

MSV did not attend the emergency meeting but one HHA resident who normally doesn’t did. Jessica Coco who has been beleaguered with crimes against her home and car since she was discovered less than enthused with Garcia’s massive redevelopment proposal Vision 20/20 showed up. According to one report, the Hoboken Police Department promptly intervened when she was beset with unhappy Carmelitos who apparently wish to see more harm come to her.

This is what happens when a HHA resident who is not “of the Banana Republic” merely showed up – at a public meeting.

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