Hoboken residents on SandyGate voice unanimous support for Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Interviews with Hoboken residents downtown outside City Hall today showed unanimous support for Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer in the widening federal investigation into the SandyGate scandal.

One resident said “I think Dawn is doing a real good job…  Dawn is doing a nice job trying to clean it (corruption) up,” speaking of the mayor’s efforts in recent years. “We have to clean up the city and the State… I think she’s doing a great job,” he concluded.

Another resident said, “I see no reason why Dawn Zimmer would lie… I think before Bridgegate she may have had no incentive to come forward because he, Christie was untouchable…  I think Dawn has done an amazing job for the City.”

The longest detailed comment from one resident laid out his dissatisfaction with how Hoboken has been treated on Sandy aid.  “’s a tragedy.. I don’t believe in bullies… I think this guy (Governor Christie) might be bullying her. It’s about the people… You don’t do politics all the time… Give them (Hoboken residents) the money…. You have to think about what the people went through.

He concluded referring to Governor Christie, “He looks like Tony Soprano to me.”

The video comes courtesy of Hudson County TV and John Heinis.

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