Hoboken rebuffed on NJ Supreme Court appeal on Monarch Towers

Late yesterday, the breaking news came out on the Hudson County View on the saga of the Monarch Towers.

It’s bad.

From the story:

The New Jersey Supreme Court has declined to hear the City of Hoboken’s appeal on the controversial Monarch project, two, 11-story condo towers that would be constructed on the waterfront in the 2nd Ward. 
For the complete story, please see the Hudson County View:

MSV covered the story in 2013 here:

There’s no building permits approved, but if you asked Ironstate, re: Michael and David Barry there’s no reason why two towers built over a pier in northwest Hoboken should be problematic. Tennis courts and parking originally designated as part of the approvals for 1,000 units of the Shipyard were part of the agreement with the City but things changed as historically many developer promises. The four digit units of buildings got built, the waterfront views on Hudson blocked.
No tennis courts for Hoboken’s recreation loving residents and now an all out legal war with the Barry family. When it comes to developer political control in Hoboken, the Barry family is the model. 
David Barry, scion of Ironstate development
Michael Barry, Ironstate and Barry family leader

Father Joe would be so proud. The history is recaptured in a guest piece tied into the last great developer scam on Hoboken: Truckstop Lenders and Waterfront HUD Hauls. Hoboken residents need to know what they are up against and it’s a learned, skillful private developer enterprise with a history of making government work – for the developer. 

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