Hoboken Realignment

The delay in MSV Premium didn’t mean it’s not coming only that the Thanksgiving reaping or is it heaping grows ever higher.

Some additional sauce on the mash.

He’s baaaacccck!

Last January, Frank Raia (l) departs after the vote appointing Kurt Gardiner (r) to the NHSA.

Frank Raia who saw over a quarter century on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority with a potential additional five years interrupted is seeking a return with another Hoboken commissioner seat opening up early next year. Word is the application is already submitted and NHSA commissioner Tony Soares has indicated he’s not seeking reappointment.

Council members are being lobbied and at least one other applicant is officially seeking the seat.
While the nominal pay of $5,000 annually should motivate applicants, one unconfirmed source says Raia wants to buffer his service for a taxpayer paid pension. It’s unclear if his health insurance benefits can be renewed at the taxpayer’s expense. Previously, the health benefits perk was eliminated in Trenton by Gov. Chris Christie. Raia managed to get an exception allowing him to keep the perk until his plan for another five year term failed.

Here we go again. Can Hoboken get past this unquenchable need for feeding at the trough?

To apply for this Hoboken board position or any other, please see the downloadable application at the link:

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