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Dear Hoboken PEF friends and supporters,

It has been an exciting week for Hoboken and our Foundation! Mayor Ravi Bhalla and city officials have negotiated a multi-million dollar development deal that will build the city’s second waterfront hotel. As the deal currently stands, the hotel developer, KMS Development Partners, will be providing more than $4.8 million in community givebacks.

As part of the agreement, the Hoboken Public Education Foundation will receive a one-million dollar endowment – the first ever community giveback to benefit Hoboken Public Schools. This is a true testament to KMS’s belief that communities are strengthened when public schools are thriving.

Please show your support for this opportunity by:

  1.  SIGNING THIS PETITION – the more names we collect, the more we can demonstrate the collective support of Hoboken! (NOTE: please disregard any request to donate to 
  1. JOIN US IN PERSON at the City Council Meeting next Wednesday, October 17, 7:00 pm (City Hall, 94 Washington Street) to show your support for this opportunity, and to encourage a vote to approve the deal.

With gratitude,
Hoboken Public Education Foundation

Special thanks to KMS Development Partners:  

KMS Development Partners $1 million commitment to the Hoboken Public Education Foundation – to create a permanent endowment to provide financial sustainability for our non-profit organization – reflects the developer’s long-standing personal interest in and support for traditional open-enrollment public schools. We are truly grateful to KMS Development Partners for their ongoing support of our Foundation. We are honored to be on the receiving end of this generous commitment, and know that these funds will help us continue our mission of elevating and enhancing the Hoboken Public  Schools.

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