Hoboken powered on and lighting up the sky!

Hoboken’s PSE&G Substations are back!

In a twitter post by Mayor Dawn Zimmer, the good news is Hoboken has its substations repaired.

PSE&G had earlier reported severe damage to the substations saying one had been under several feet of water and predicting a 7-10 day turnaround.   They got it done in about four with a lot of help from local, State and Federal support plus a number of other power companies sending in specialists to assist.

Most of Hoboken came online by Sunday but it appears the whole city is back leading into Election Day.

On the City Facebook page:

All 3 substations in Hoboken are 100% operational and energized. If you still do not have power, contact PSE&G so they can troubleshoot. There may be issues between the substation and your home (tap lines, transformers, service drops, etc), or you may need to contact an electrician to inspect and potentially repair the electrical panel or wiring within your building. Call: 800-4360-PSEG or through MyAccount at so PSE&G can troubleshoot any problems.

The Hoboken Housing Authority is also reported to have gotten power via FEMA generators.

Now we need to Rebuild Hoboken.  You can support the fund at:

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