Hoboken News Round Up

With Labor Day falling a full week into September, holiday schedules are all over the map. Is everyone back in post summer mode or not? In the famous words of actress Penelope Cruz, “I dun think so.”

Although there’s been a slow down of sorts with so many folks taking the end of summer vacations, there’s still been quite an impressive amount of local news:

  • As reported in Hoboken Now: the recent swine flu task force set up by Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer will focus on schools and local emergency services and along with experienced volunteers like Jonathan Metsch, Hoboken resident and former CEO for the Jersey City Medical Center, they are going to lead the charge to limit its impact. The expectations of this flu variant is beginning to be highlighted by stronger preventive action taken by many municipalities and Glen Cove, NY even announced a policy of limiting touch in school to reduce the spread of the virus. 50 Students at Emory University are already in quarantine on campus in Georgia and a number of municipalities are discussing measures, some quite extreme to combat its potential spread. When this began we had some horse intuition it would be larger and far graver than originally anticipated. That feeling was especially strong in the Southwest but the strength of the virus’ spread indicates that even 800K New Yorkers may have already been exposed. The vaccine rushed into service will not be available in large doses early fall and we question its effectiveness as well. It’s good that the town is taking this seriously in advance. Nationally, the number of potential deaths has been mentioned in the 92,000 range.
  • Is longtime Hudson County operative and former Cammarano political consultant Paul Swibinksi on the Beth Mason payroll running the recent spate of push poll calls to Hoboken residents? We can’t say with absolute certainty but the real question remains, is this an operation underway to pave the way for a full bore Mason 2.0 run for mayor or a mere feint to gauge the possibility? We know that Swibinski’s proposal has been sitting on Beth Mason’s desk for a while now. Has she signed off on the dotted line for the full plan?
  • A special showing of “On the Waterfront” was presented at Pier A Park Tuesday night to honor its writer Budd Shulberg. That the 95 year old director made it to Hoboken for a special reading of his classic screenplay just before his passing strikes us as ironic and noteworthy but this special viewing added to the summer series was perfectly fitting for a man who saw service in writing against corruption. (Tonight’s City Council meeting will also announce a proclamation honoring Schulberg.)
  • Ian Sacs will head the Hoboken Transportation and Parking Utility and now starts this week in the position replacing Dave Roberts’ appointee John Correa . It appears that every time Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer picks up a pen at City Hall, the taxpayers are rewarded. We have to wonder if this is a bad thing to anyone other than the culture of corruption vultures and the usual suspects. We’re also wondering if Perry “the burka wearer” Klaussen over at Hoboken411 is in full head to toe girlie regalia when he goes on his binge of hate, spinning this appointment into something negative. He can’t even manage to approve the fact of a reduced 10K salary for a professional who’s background is a solid bet for the post. Would he take the position for 50K as he suggests?
  • Terry Labruno, Director of Health and Human Services announced her resignation and that she is taking her gravelly voice back to the education world at St. Peters. She also added that she was not pushed out. Frankly, does anyone care? With the swine flu virus expected to have a strong impact in our community, the sooner we have another professional in this role the better. We’ll miss her crazy outbursts at City Council meetings if for nothing more than to remind voters of what the old, dark ways are all about.
  • Has community service ever been more important to Hoboken than today? With the economy in distress the need is greater than ever. If you ever contemplated the worth of contributing any of your time, the United Synagogue of Hoboken is looking for people to participate in a number of great activities where you can make your mark September 13th. There’s also an excellent new nutrition and fitness program being coordinated with the Housing Authority. Complete details at Hoboken Now and you can volunteer by signing up by the morning of Sunday, Sept. 6. For more information, or to sign up, e-mail

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Budd Schulberg’s obiturary. It’s absolutely worth a read.

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