The Hoboken Journal sucumbs to advertising

Sadly, we note our big brother, Reformerus Gianticus at The Hoboken Journal has taken on advertising.  After we had just declined campaign advertising ourselves, our colleague is now running a banner campaign ad for the cob.  Yes, the cob.  That buttery, tasty yellow vegetable that has overtaken Hoboken like the plague.

No doubt we will receive a complaint how this ad is unpaid, but we know better.  Reformerus Gianticus is overcome by the sinister seduction of the green enveloped stalk: heavily salted with real butter, and not the low fat version either.  How many bushels it took to sway him, we do not yet know.

If the citizens of Hoboken feel compelled to lather up the yellow veggie with butter and seize cob after cob with reckless abandon; who are we to judge?  We now count Reformerus Gianticus among those who have been seduced by its sinister wiles.

Click the pictures if you so dare.
Oh the humanity.

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