Hoboken insurance payments post Sandy shows tales of woe are not past

Insurance woes for Hoboken residents and businesses large, suffer added insult of Old Guard council staged lawsuit after Superstorm Sandy

Coming on the back of the appellate court hearing yesterday in the saga of Jim Doyle’s frozen council seat comes this Star Ledger story showing the additional pain of Hoboken people being sued by the Old Guard council members – icing on a bad cake when it comes to insurance payments after Superstorm Sandy.

The Star Ledger writes:
The city of Hoboken, which experienced vast flooding, saw 57 percent of its residential claims and 59 percent of its commercial claims closed without payment. Also, 60 percent of business interruption claims in the city were knocked out.

Paradoxically, though, Hoboken also has enjoyed the third-highest amount of insurance payouts of all ZIP codes in New Jersey, or $54 million so far. The reason why? Auto insurance. Unlike standard coverage for homes and businesses, auto policies typically protect against flooding.

As a result, just 5 percent of personal auto claims in Hoboken were closed without payment, according to state data. That alone has meant $38.5 million in insurance payments in the Mile Square City, or $17,232 per average claim.

Hoboken residents and businesses have seen a high percentage of insurance claims rejected after Superstorm Sandy according to a Star Ledger story.  The Old Guard council continues to sue Hoboken
People anyway in a power grab to keep Jim Doyle from his appointed council seat.

At a council meeting after the hurricane, Tim Occhipinti insulted Hoboken residents saying in effect they didn’t have it so bad as towns on the shore when Councilwoman Jen Giattino known for her observance of decorum and protocol curtly responded, “Speak for yourself.”  The Giattino family like many other Hoboken residents saw extensive damage to their homes.  Her family like many other residents and businesses have not found any normalcy since and are not able to move back into their primary residence.
Occhipinti who was absent during both Hurricane Irene and Sandy is promoting himself again pushing aid by others to Oklahoma victims.  Will Occhipinti be donating or using other people’s money as he’s historically made a habit of doing as he also used to attend the Hoboken Relief gala.
The full story on lack of insurance payouts in New Jersy and Hoboken.  
Talking Ed Note: The Star Ledger story shows how important it’s been for Hoboken to have a dedicated resource center to help its residents and businesses.  In recent weeks, the temporary person staffed in the City’s hurricane resource center was the subject of attack by Councilman Michael Russo and additional defamatory attacks by the Beth Mason sponsored website Hoboken411, also known as Mason411/Hate411.
The pain for many after Hurricane Sandy in Hoboken is not over.  The Old Guard council members: Michael Russo, Beth Mason, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti are draining Hoboken of tens of thousands in legal bills in their manufactured lawsuit, a bloodsucking vampiric action illustrative of their behavior and character.
That’s how the Hoboken Sopranos roll.

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