Hoboken Housing Authority Special Meeting – part 2

With the transcript available below some may be inclined to see more unedited footage of the HHA special meeting or rather the takeover of same in the video above. This leads into the complete stoppage of the proceedings with the HHA commissioners exiting.

The first portion from start of the meeting is available here.

In this clip the effort to shut down the meeting repeatedly includes a myriad of interruptions stopping the proceedings. Carmelo Garcia’s assembly aides and spokespeople feature prominently. Among them Assembly Aide Nick Calicchio, ($8,000 from the taxpayers), Assembly aide and former Hoboken resident and councilman Chris Campos ($40,000), the Carmelitos, Vote by Mail “Captains” and “soldiers” in the HHA, and Council members Terry Castellano, Michael Russo and Beth Mason.

From the link below when insanity ensues, each council member is visibly seen doing absolutely nothing to instill calm and allow the meeting to proceed. Why would they? That wasn’t the plan.

Lots of disruptions and not much meeting here but it is featuring the chants, “Hell no we won’t go,” “Do the right thing,” “It’s not fair,” the Beth Mason favorite, “This is illegal” and that old democratic standby, “Shut it down.” (9:10)

Footage where this reporter is targeted in The Fracas is available at the link:

Talking Ed Note: Based on the information coming public, it certainly appears the HHA board who voted to terminate the contract actually did the right thing. More on that to come.

Thursday night in City Council chambers, the HHA will return for its regularly scheduled August meeting. The board is expected to approve an interlocutory agreement with the West New York Housing Authority. Bob DiVincent is expected to bring senior leadership in addition to interim Acting Director Richard Fox.

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