Hoboken Housing Authority Board revamped

The Hoboken Housing Authority is revamped with the addition of two new members to the seven member board.

Hovie Forman initially anticipated to join another commissioner in LaTrenda Ross, a mayoral appointment sooner but did see a vote on his application arrive Wednesday night in the Hoboken City Council.

The universally well liked Hobokenite promptly swept the vote against other applicants, one being Joe Branco who had sought the seat previously when Carmelo Garcia held the contracted role of Exectuive Director at the agency.

HHA commissioners are slated for five year terms. The new members succeed Rob Davis and Jeanne Rodriguez who both served extended terms.

Best of luck to both Mr. Forman and Ms. Ross in ably performing their roles as commissioners.

LaTrenda Ross, new HHA commissioner
is joined by Hovie Forman on the seven member board.

Hovie Forman addressing the Hoboken City Council
Wednesday night prior to a unanimous vote appointing him
to a commissioner seat on the HHA.
Talking Ed Note: A knuklehead in Union City saw his stupid twitter post elevated by media within hours when he ignorantly confused an American born Sikh in Councilman Ravi Bhalla with Islamic terrorism. Coverage almost instantly found its way to which almost never reports on Hoboken these days. Councilman Bhalla has invited said knucklehead to lunch. Perhaps they’ll talk about phobias of spiders or something.  

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