Hoboken Health Fair – in pictures

Last Saturday’s Health Fair brought out a good crowd and proved a big hit.  

A golf contest earlier determined bike and scooter winners for the kids.  Pictured in the rear row from left:  Save the Youth Director Luis Acevedo, HHA Commissioner Jake Stuiver, 4th Ward Councilman Michael Lenz, HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia, Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano, Assemblyman Rueben Ramos.

Freeholder “Stick” Romano and Assemblyman Rueben Ramos were major financial contributors to help make the day a big success.

STY Director Luis Acevedo poses with the girls golf winners

From left STY Director Luis Acevedo, Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano, HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia, cooking contest winner Toleda Hicks, Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Assemblyman Reuben Ramos, 4th Ward Councilman Michael Lenz, 2nd place cooking contest winner Esther Rodriguez, City Council President Peter Cunningham, Health and Human Services Director Leo Pellegrini, HHA Commissioner Jake Stuiver.  Not pictured: Councilman Dave Mello who also attended.

4th ward resident Jamie Cryan and his beautiful daughter Andria posed for Da Horsey.
What was that Van Halen song off the first album again?

Part of the crowd circles round to watch a dance performance…

by the STY Fire Dancers.
Health Fair literature offered by these cheerful volunteers
The Health Fair cooking contestants, Luis Acevedo acted as master of ceremonies.
Kids worked on their miniature golf game in a contest that saw both boys and girls win.
Mayor Dawn Zimmer sharing a light hearted moment with residents
Manja!  Let’s eat.  An appetizing dish in the contest.  This made Da Horsey hungry.

The first round of the food contest ended in a draw but not before the judges had a full plate each.  From rear Reuben Ramos and his daughter, Anthony “Stick” Romano, Leo Pellegrini and Carmelo Garcia.
Kids took advantage of the great weather with a little flag football

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