Hoboken gets some love from Political Insider Augie Torres

It’s not often Augie Torres who writes the Political Insider column for the Jersey Journal showers attention on Hoboken let alone a column but hey, it’s Christmas.

He correctly notes the attention and heat next year will be on the Mile Square City with six of nine ward seats up next November. He tossed his hat and sprayed some flotsam and jetsam around, mainly focusing on Hoboken’s City Council President seat and obviously spreading some bad egg nog on the subject. Courtesy no doubt of a certain Old Guard council member he has friendly relations who lives in a famous tower and disgruntled reform defectors.

So Da Horsey decided after seeing a heads up from one of our brilliant commenters to hit Augie up. Of course we elected to do so in a transparent style to avoid misunderstanding, ill will or a rash ego hitting the delete button.

For a guy who doesn’t really cover Hoboken, he actually gets a lot right. It’s an impressive display considering Jersey City and most of Hudson County is the regular beat.

Augie Torres (l) showed Hoboken some love on his Political
Insider column this week. He gets a lot right for someone
who doesn’t cover Hoboken much. He could get more
if he reached out a bit to the reform folks he’s writing about.

Here’s the holiday love note seeded there just earlier:

 Dear Augie:

On MSV someone made a joke about your Hoboken take. Now I hope a horse can be granted, if not taken as given some First Amendment courtesy and not be jettisoned into the internet ether…. So here’s a few carrots.

The Old Guard would love to take back the reins of the loot, patronage and quarters in parking meters.(They changed to non-coin operated machines but you get the idea.)

First, in order to foster human-equine relations, you get a lot right here and your comment about the litigious Beth Mason (who loves to use the courts against Hoboken residents including yours truly) is what the thinking has been here. In the second ward, people are enthusiastic to take on her husband’s money not believing there is enough arm twisting left in the changing Applied Housing buildings to prop her up again. MSV has written about her attempted second Blaggo sweepstakes for the Carmelo “Dead Man” Walking Assembly seat. MSV has covered it extensively:

As for Hoboken City Council President, let a horse give you a hint and say only it may be a really funny guy. As for Councilman Dave Mello, he’s “flabbergasted” with your breaking news here. He says he’d support someone for the role who is an ally and so he has four reform oriented colleagues to choose from. Does that help? 😉

We’re all expecting former Assemblyman Ruben Ramos to seize back the Hoboken Syndicate’s strongest mantle in the fourth ward from Timmy Occhipinti who is now learning he isn’t all that and the HS runs the fourth or they certainly would like to think so.

In the fifth ward, the Old Guard will want to push out reform’s anti-corruption champion Peter Cunningham but have they found a Peter Sellers fresh face non-threatening enough to slip past the goalie?

The reval issue certainly is problematic as it is all across NJ. Doing the right thing in the long haul can still cause panic in the ranks of citizens, especially when the last one took 25 years.

If you want to take a foray into Hoboken now and then, it doesn’t actually hurt to speak to the reform majority. You know the people leading the governing the past five years. Just say’in.

What would be really entertaining is if you took that feathery pen to the new and rebranded Michael Russo in the Third Ward. He’s been working to be a loyal opposition without accusing opponents of being the KKK for not approving undocumented housing authority plans over recent months. That’s a real investment!

Of course there’s no suggestion from this horse you should burn a source in the Mile Square City.

Merry Christmas.  

Love and kisses from Da Horsey

Da Horsey, SmartyJones
The Hudson Mile Square View

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Talking Ed Note: There’s mention by the Political Insider of former Zimmerites “willing to drop a dime.” That may be the truth but does it mean when the dime connects the parties what the disgruntled is saying is the truth? 

It says here it ain’t and a Hoss just proved it. 

Related: This is only the second time the Political Insider has graced MSV’s pages. The last one was not a small deal when he “lurched” toward the truth. 

Da Horsey salutes whenever that happens, no matter how it happens and invites the Fourth Estate to join the Fifth Estate and stand up for the First Amendment. It’ll certainly make for a better victory party.

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