Hoboken Fire: Let’s go to arbitration

Mile Square Exclusive

The Hudson Reporter published a letter making it official what had been circling about for a spell: Hoboken’s Fire union has tossed its hat for arbitration stating in part:

Dear Hoboken residents:
Recently, the Hoboken Fire Department and its local bargaining union have attempted to negotiate a fair deal to benefit our members and also put forth a substantial savings for the city. In the last couple of attempts to meet and put forth an honest effort to secure such a deal, the city has canceled on us with no reason given. In fact, several “good faith” letters have been sent to the City of Hoboken in order to secure a date and time to no avail.

Judy Tripodi, the state fiscal monitor for Hoboken countered via email to MSV stating: “We had several dates planned, but the fire cancelled several times…No union was or is forced.  We never really started the negotiation off the ground.  I’d be willing to discuss a fair contract with them as I did the police.”

MSV will update as this develops. 

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