Hoboken Fair Housing Association will join Mayor Zimmer in Voting NO on Hoboken Ballot Question #1

The HFHA announces:

Hoboken Fair Housing Associate was pleased to hear that
Mayor Zimmer not only took the position that she will be voting NO on Hoboken
Public Question No. 1, but also asks everyone else to join her in voting NO.
HFHA members were also surprised to see a recent viral email
allegedly from Hoboken Revolt, an organization completely dormant since Mayor
Zimmer has been in office, asking residents to vote yes.  It is particularly surprising since more than
one of the original Hoboken Revolt steering committee members have advised that
they are supporters of rent control and have given small donations to HFHA to
support rent protections in Hoboken. 
There clearly is an indication that this email represents a hijacked
email list and not the consensus of the community members that provided their
emails in order to get access to a community website over four years ago.
Mile Square Taxpayers Association (MSTA), the organization
that sponsored this anti-rent protection ballot question in 2012 and lost that
election, also sponsored an election contest in the courts where false evidence
of displaced Hoboken voters was submitted to the courts to overturn a
legitimate democratic election.  MSTA are
a group of large-scale developers and real estate interests.  They are not concerned with the citizens of
the city nor the quality of life, just astronomical real estate prices and huge
development no matter what the cost to the city.  Sky high rents mean a transient population
that doesn’t vote nor care about the city.
The developer/real estate interests that have hijacked the
Hoboken Revolt email list neglect to point out the fact that all tenants can be
evicted under our current laws and that providing extreme economic incentive to
evict tenants puts many of our friends and neighbors at extreme risk.  Tenants that live in owner-occupied buildings
can be evicted at the end of the lease or within 30 days for tenants on a month
to month lease.  Tenants in a non-owner-occupied
building can be evicted if the landlord says s/he wants to occupy one
unit.  The tenant in that one unit is
thus evicted turning the building into an owner-occupied building so that the
other tenant(s) can be immediately evicted at the end of their lease or within
30 days if the tenant is on a month to month lease.  Four unit buildings are routinely converted
to 3-unit buildings when an owner joins two empty units, putting the remaining
tenants at risk of the same immediate eviction and tenants in larger buildings
can be evicted through condo conversion. 
It is disingenuous for the author of this email to suggest that the MSTA
sponsored ballot question does not put existing tenants at extreme and often
immediate risk.
The often cited assertion that rent control deteriorates
property values is not supported by the facts. 
Recent property sales show that property values in Hoboken are extremely
high for all properties, including multi-family buildings. 
It is also a fact that many rents in rent controlled
properties are already legally at or above market rents.  The MSTA initiative is directed at long-term
tenants, many who are older and often part of the artists’ community that so
many of our elected officials emphatically want to protect.  Some of these long-term tenants are the
remnants of the Hispanic population in town that was under siege during the
years of Hoboken fires. 
HFHA does not believe that the good citizens of Hoboken have
any interest in returning to a time when a large swath of the population lives
in fear of displacement. We will be joining Mayor Zimmer in voting NO and ask
that our friends and neighbors send the same message that they already sent
last year by voting NO…again on Hoboken Ballot Question #1 on November 5th.

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