Hoboken election: Vote by Mail Fever!

Here’s where Hoboken stands one day before the election. These numbers are for the the Mile Square City as of this morning, courtesy of the Hudson County Board of Elections.  (Kind thanks for their prompt replies.)

Municipality: (HOBOKEN) Count: 992

Grand Total Number Received : 688

Grand Total Number Sent : 992 

MSV will be back with some additional analysis breaking down the figures in key areas.  For a hint on where it’s headed, here’s a snippet with video in last year’s November municipal election from a September 2013 council meeting.

An intimate first hand account of widespread HHA voter fraud

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One of the fascinating aspects of the Old Guard vs. Old Guard battle in the Raia-Mason vs. Ruben Ramos camps is the ensuing war over vote-by-mail fraud taking place in the Hoboken Housing Authority and seniors buildings.

Another intriguiging aspect is seeing the war over the voter fraud take the stage front and center in a City Council meeting….

That was then, this is now.  It’s mano a mano, Old Guard vs. Old Guard and Barbara Reyes unceremoniously blows the whistle following another public speaker who decried the clear vote-by-mail ballot fraud last November.

Reyes says the HHA Tenant Association has “noticed” there’s a “big issue” with absentee ballot fraud.

“We’re always used as the guinea pigs,” Reyes says matter of fact.  Reyes points to a plan their tenant group will educate, going door to door in the HHA to battle against the VBM effort where ballots are signed and handed over unsealed stating, “Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening.”

Reyes concluded her remarks saying, “Unfortunately, as we see the fourth ward is always the one that has…. the largest number of voter fraud going on and absentee ballots (vote-by-mail) as well.”

Is that right?

Abbreviated 2013 Talking Ed Note:
Beth Mason didn’t exactly look enamored with the vote-by-mail fraud discussion in the video either.

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