Hoboken Democratic Committee weaponized: Target Tiffanie


Hoboken’s nonpartisan mayoral race is facing a pending assault.
Another one.

After last month’s stunning announcement Mayor Zimmer would back out of the November mayoral election and her simultaneous announcement endorsing Councilman Ravi Bhalla her successor, a firestorm broke out among her City Council allies and the Reform community.

Mayor Zimmer said she had made the decisions herself and the blowback began almost immediately. A a week later, City Council President Jen Giattino scrambling to identify the sentiments of the community made her late entry into the mayoral sweepstakes.

The backing of Giattino for mayor by her council colleagues Peter Cunningham and Tiffanie Fisher has created a clear rift and some obvious anger by close supporters of the mayor and the Bhalla for mayor campaign and perhaps the mayor herself. Councilman Dave Mello attended last week’s Giattino fundraiser while Jim Doyle opted alone to join a second council run in backing Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

That is perhaps not the picture or desired result the established political powers wanted.

Now there’s word from independent sources of another coup attempt. The objective is to see Hoboken Democratic Chair Tiffanie Fisher removed in her role on the Hoboken Democratic Committee as its chair.

The weekend prior to Giattino’s Tuesday announcement she would run for mayor, new members of the Hoboken Democratic Committee assaulted Fisher’s electronic communications complaining she was supporting Jen Giattino who is a registered Republican before a key meeting seeking community sentiment that Sunday afternoon.

The bylaws of the Hoboken Democratic Committee allow its members to make personal choices in Hoboken’s nonpartisan elections. In this case that means this fall’s mayoral and council seats.

A letter from one of the new Hoboken Democratic Committee members viciously attacked both Fisher and Giattino leading into the Sunday afternoon meeting. He wrote that he preferred corrupt Democrats to hold elected office in Hoboken over any Republican. Many Hoboken Democrats both on and off the committee were offended and disavowed the statements. Other Hoboken elected officials reportedly circulated the screed and remained silent when the letter was widely circulated.

The reason for the Hoboken political establishment’s unhappiness is Tiffanie Fisher’s personal choice to back and support her colleague Jen Giattino in Hoboken’s nonpartisan mayoral election. Fisher has been acting as a temporary campaign manager for the Giattino for Mayor campaign.

The Hoboken Democratic Committee like its local party counterpart does not get involved in endorsing candidates in the Mile Square City’s nonpartisan elections. The mayor and city council offices are both nonpartisan but this is not making political powers at City Hall happy.

Will the Hoboken Democratic Committee rewrite the rules to see Fisher ejected and try to undo Hoboken’s nonpartisan mayoral race?

Questions have been posed and questions have gone unanswered. More to come.

Is Tiffanie Fisher a political target for bucking City Hall and making a
personal decision to support City Council President Jen Giattino?
The word is the Hoboken Democratic Committee is being weaponized to remove
her as chair for bucking Ravi Bhalla a Democrat endorsed by Mayor Zimmer for mayor.

This story is breaking

Talking Ed Note: There’s been much pushing and shoving in recent weeks and of late phony stories about a resident’s personal inquiry to friends on his Facebook page.

Last week’s Giattino for Mayor fundraiser at Moran’s was successful and reportedly has seen tens of thousands raised for the upstart Reform Resistance candidate.

As Kurt Gardiner, the Hoboken Democratic Committee Sargent at Arms and NHSA commissioner remarked by phone, “85% of the people at the Giattino event are Democrats, I’m telling you, I saw it.

Word is that some very well respected Democrats are behind Jen Giattino for mayor. One of them is said to be the heroine who led and helped save the hospital in Hoboken: Hoboken University Medical Center.

MSV has predicted the mayoral race would get much rougher. Here’s a real indication.

Update lunchtime: MSV has contacted numerous parties for this story: the mayor’s office, Mayor Zimmer, the Bhalla for mayor campaign, other parties close to the mayor and on the Democratic Committee among others asking for comment.

Radio silence. There’s not even been a non-comment saying no comment. It’s eerily silent.
Loser is welcome to ask who if anyone hasn’t been contacted for this story.

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