Hoboken City Hall site of Hudson County budget hearing @ 6:00

The new annual ritual of Hoboken hosting a HudCo budget meeting makes a pilgrimage to the Mile Square City tonight.

So, on this frightful day of a chill spring rain, Hoboken residents and taxpayers will have an opportunity to see its legislative body responsible for the double digit year over year tax increases with no negligible improved services before us.
Tonight at 6:00 PM the Hudson County budget hearing begins. A Public Portion will be available and if you have something to pass along to HudCo, this is your chance to do so on your home turf.
Beth Mason once looked upon Hudson County as an escape route to move up the political ladder.
Perhaps she’ll show up tonight to pitch her newest episode of “Counte$$ goes to Washington.” 
Talking Ed Note: Hoboken may wish to see HudCo make serious spending reductions but it wasn’t long ago that one Hoboken resident thought there was a road etched in her name with County Executive paved on it. The thinking being some checks with the right names could open that door.
It didn’t pan out but the Mason family checks continue being written and sent all over Hudson, Bergen, Passiac and Monmouth counties in the search to get Beth Mason something, anything other than lowly ward council member in a one square mile hamlet.
Many checks in many Soprano State places are in the five figure range or more, but no donut.
Beth Mason – FinBoy Nazi Truck graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger 

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