Hoboken cases increase slightly to 29, donation websites setup for our community

Hoboken is clamped down and the number of  the Chinese Communist Party virus cases increased moderately with four to 29.

Most of the Hoboken cases steer toward the younger demographic and male. Latest cases are: a mail in his mid 20s, another male in his late 20s, a female in her early 30s.

Hoboken now totals 29 cases of the CCP virus.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla continues to ask for the cooperation of residents to use self-isolation. He asked for limited outdoor exercise and to observe the social distance (physical proximity) to others at all times to six feet.

Small businesses can be supported online through gift cards. Residents are encouraged to do so via a website entering the zip code 07030 at

Donations in collection and distribution of food can also be done online through another website:

The website works through an Amazon wish list at this website:

Many people are hurt by the lockdown and lost all work and are facing a perilous time unable to handle the situation in the coming days. Make a difference by acting today.

Please use the above links to make a difference in Hoboken. 
You can do it without even leaving home.

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