Hoboken campaigns go full metal jacket

Last night the last of the four major mayoral campaigns reached liftoff and now all the campaigns are competing for the hearts and minds of Hoboken voters.

It’s clear this Hoboken race will be competitive and the four major campaigns, funded. Any thought of intimidating, pushing or shoving a competitor to the sidelines is off the table. That is unless the Feds show up and do some pushing and shoving of their own. Which raises sidebar questions, who is former mayor and convicted felon Peter Cammarano supporting? Or who does he see as most like himself?

The event last night saw a big crowd, good spirits and much laughter among over 100 upstart reform resistance happy warriors. Optimism is burgeoning in all the campaigns and everyone sees a path to victory come November.

City Council President Jen Giattino’s speech highlighted a number of issues she clearly values: a new Master Plan to manage Hoboken development, unity, a focus on serving Hoboken not political career ambitions for the future, displacement among other issues. Highlighted in her speech is the will do, can do spirit Giattino quietly shows when she’s not doing the work of and on the council. Some at the event described this as her magical sauce and secret ingredient. It’s the reason behind the strong, diverse undercurrent of her support.

An issue sure to see more discussion will be the major vote on the behemoth Bijou project last summer on upper Jackson Street. Jen Giattino voted with Tiffanie Fisher against it; while Council members Ravi Bhalla voted with Jim Doyle in passing the legislation.

Independent council candidate Kurt Gardiner has made this a fixture of his early campaign pointing to the financial numbers and developer concessions being a bad deal for Hoboken and its residents. He said it should never be repeated. His voice won’t be the only one on the matter.

City Council President Jen Giattino and Hoboken Democratic Chair & Councilwoman, Tiffanie Fisher

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