Hoboken budget wars @ 7:00

Yesterday the mayor outlined numerous actions to improve Hoboken’s infrastructure such as a major agreement on the over aged water system and City roadways. For Hoboken, progress comes very hard no matter a unanimous public saying yes because the Old Guard council often can’t stomach a “yes” under the mayor’s leadership.

And so it goes…

Hoboken’s budget is up for introduction with other related items such as line item transfers. The latter have often led to hours of battles to the bitter death in an attempt to create an opportunity for a tax increase. Even in the face of outright sabotage the mayor managed double digit tax decreases.

Other NJ municipalities take ten minutes to move these routine financial matters along but here it’s an opportunity to try to crash and burn the City. It’s okay to burn the taxpayer who is viewed as the mayor’s base.

There’s much gnashing of teeth to this day how the plan to bankrupt the hospital failed by the Old Guard. Councilwoman Terry Castellano saw someone pen a letter complaining about the tax levy to the local hospital after the reval. While the question is clearly germane, her consistent antipathy for the hospital being saved in late 2011 is obviously something she can’t get out of her craw.

And so it goes…

Also up for a vote is legal funding to take on the proposed Monarch buildings on the pier uptown. Ironstate, re: Applied Housing is suing to completely renege on an earlier constructions deal where they promised in lieu of approvals building apartments, the pier location would see tennis courts. Now they’re uninterested and want apartment towers not tennis and Hoboken is fighting it with legislation it approved following the State legislation last year permitting municipalities to block building on piers.  There’s more than tennis at stake here – there’s millions of dollars in more profits!

None of this should be happening but it is. Why doesn’t someone just ask Councilwoman Beth Mason to call her friends at Applied Housing and stop the problem? Well Applied Management backed Mason’s 2011 campaign, a race where she spent in the area of $200,000 but netting less votes than her previous run.

Do you need to be told how that works and why Beth Mason ignored residents concerns when they contacted her upon hearing about the Monarch project?

There’s a little sunshine in your Sunshine Week.  Speaking of which who is going to ask Beth Mason for an explanation why she and her husband Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz are facing MILLIONS IN FINES for HUNDREDS of CAMPAIGN VIOLATIONS?

One member of the public raised the issue before the full scope of the problem was documented two weeks ago.

Bueller? Bueller? To this day, there’s been no explanation from the Queen of self-anointed Transparency Beth Mason.

Is no one going to ask until the Mason family takes the State record for biggest ELEC fines in New Jersey history?


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