Hoboken BoE v. NJ Department of Education, Hoboken Dual Language Charter School

The complete legal filing by the Hoboken BoE vs. State of NJ DoE, Hoboken Dual Language Charter School.

Some highlights:

The filing includes original letters by the Superintendent objecting to the expansion of HoLa and “urged the DoE further study and analyze the issue of major demographic differences.”

In Exhibit C, a reference to school performance demonstrate “de facto segregation” with BoE vs. Hoboken charters. A comparison between Connors and HoLA states the former has 3.9% white students vs. 60.6% at HoLa. Further comparison references a 76% minority population in the BoE district vs. 30% in 2011-2012.

In comparison, Jersey City is examined revealing a more consistent cross section of the overall student population in its charter schools.

Additional data documents differences in disabled, disadvantaged student populations and makes a request to “correct’ the lottery process fueling the figures presented.

The legal question raised is on the determination made in HoLa’s proposed expansion for seventh and eights grades over the next two years and claims the approval is not valid under NJ statute and the Commissioner of Eduction reassess both the renewal and expansion.

Funding is requested as part of the overall re-evaluation.

A claim is put forward the NJ DOE failed to address the “segregation effect and funding issues.”

Talking Ed Note: It’s unclear what remedies may be considered by the State’s Department of Education. The broadest impact would come from a successful challenge to the existing lottery system for Hoboken charter schools.

The complete document is also available at the link.

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