The BoE announces:
Every year, public school districts across the country go through an annual January-to-
March process of preparing budgets for the next fiscal year. In many communities, the
school district is often one of the larger financial enterprises and its budget is the focus of
much community scrutiny and debate as districts seek to strike the right balance between
the needs of the schools and the concerns of taxpayers. Hoboken is such a community.
This year, the Hoboken Board of Education will hold a community forum on Tuesday,
January 28, at 7 pm in the Hoboken Junior Senior High School auditorium. 
Although the budget itself is still being developed by the school administrators and will not be formally
presented to the school board and the public until March, the district invites the Hoboken
community to attend this first-time-ever forum to learn more about the process,
understand the many regulations under which the budget is constructed, get up to speed
on the latest state laws as they apply to public school funding and budgets, get a feel for
some of the challenges facing the district in the coming year, and hear answers to a
variety of frequently asked questions about our district public schools and where the
money is being spent.
In the meantime, community members can begin to participate in the budget process by
sending an email to Questions and comments will
be incorporated into Tuesday evening’s presentation.

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