Hoboken blog wars!

Andrew Tavani who may be one of the best feature writers in Hoboken, investigated Hoboken’s blog scene for Hoboken Patch and comes up with some surprising and not so surprising details on the battle for local eyeballs.  Hoboken has a lively blogging scene, for many of you that will obviously be an understatement – for others it’s an occasional pastime.

Some of the surprises: Hoboken411 and its notorious owner Perry Klaussen hid some revealing statistics showing he isn’t really as big and bad as he said he was.  In fact, it’s clear he’s lost significant readership and those who have stayed around only do so for brief periods neglecting to leave many comments in their wake (the content being what it is these days.)

The article details the different histories of different blogs. In terms of diversity, Hoboken is certainly very rich these days.  Hoboken Patch is the only other local full time website in town.  All together, the smear merchant uptown is holding up with his love for the angry, disillusioned, we hate reform audience but he’s getting his lunch handed to him by a combined group of other widely read sites including The Boken, EatDrinkHoboken, the Hoboken Journal, Hoboken Patch and of course MSV.

Most close observers didn’t need the story to tell them the obvious.  The self-proclaimed kingmaker of Hoboken politics has seen a string of electoral defeats with his childish one sided coverage.  His infamous trampoline embrace of Peter Cammarano and uber fanaticism for Beth Mason and low brow appeal isn’t impressing many Hoboken professionals either.

Although there’s only two full time websites, Hoboken’s online world is becoming more diverse and capable of offering more to a broader range of people.  And the uptown smear merchant of Hobo411 can’t do anything to stop it now.  Neither he, nor his minion can control the freedom loving people of this town.

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