Hoboken and HUMC with back to the wall, one resident says call MORTe

One concerned resident sent in this information requesting it be posted announcing:

The Council Minority (Mason, Russo, Castellano and Occhipinti) are set to bankrupt Hoboken.

Your taxes may triple because of their political grandstanding.

Call Beth Mason at 646-339-2991 today to tell her to vote “Yes” on Sunday. If that box is full, call 201-656-7549

Call Tim Occhipinti at 917-721-3926 today to tell him to vote “Yes” on Sunday

Michael Russo is at 201-401-9687

Theresa Castellano is at – (201) 656-9449

We also need you to show up on Sunday at 6:00PM at City Hall to urge them to Vote “YES” on the Hospital Parking Agreement.

Please go to the mic and make a statement that they are destroying Hoboken and to stop.

Make it clear you are ready to hold them personally responsible for the damage.

– Posted at full gallop

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