The Hoboken Advocate hits the ground running

There’s a new website in Hoboken bringing a new flavor to digging and uncovering waste and corruption in town.  Which means you won’t be hearing about it in other than negative vague attacks by politicians, the old guard and their supporters who view light on such matters as simply unfathomable.

Eric Kurta, the Wile E. Coyote launched the new website, the Hoboken Advocate to provide a clearinghouse of information often missed in the today focused local media but so valuable it shouldn’t be missed.

In this case, his is the first (and only) website to post the very late but finally submitted ELEC report from one former mayor: Peter Cammarano.

One of the funniest things in the report is how they had to put in Solomon Dwek, the government’s star witness in Operation Bid Rig as a contributor.  The money had to be accounted for and it’s actually in the report, but there’s a little mention to it belying the less than enthusiastic obligation to do so.

Hoboken’s Wiley Coyote

Kurta views the new website as a place to revisit and revamp research he’s done earlier while adding new features from “a notebook” filled with items the old guard doesn’t want you to see revealing inefficiencies, incompetence, and yes corruption in the Mile Square City.

Best of all the new website will provide open-source information.  Eric Kurta who has given Hoboken a great deal back over the years is providing the site free to anyone to use as they like – inviting all to excerpt, copy, and lift as they see fit.  (This should really aid the boys of hate at Hoboken411 as they really lack imagination in their blatant lies of late.  Kurta stopped submitting his original research there although it pops up now and then with his name removed.)

Every town should be so lucky to have an Eric Kurta who is willing to dig and find the things that go bump in the night or fly through a City Council meeting in a flash without much debate or discussion causing the homestead much harm.   What the old guard calls the “good old days,” and hopes to see reborn now with Tim Occhipinti heading to the council table.  

Expect more vocal complaints about “the internets.”  Well they should just blame that Wiley Coyote.  They don’t have the guts to because they fear the light being turned on them.  No doubt he will.

Take a look at the new site:

And up The Hoboken Advocate goes into the short but select MSV blog roll.  All aboard!

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