Hoboken 2015 Election tallies by ward and district

The following tables for Hoboken’s 2015 ward races including district come courtesy of Kurt Gardiner.

All tallies are less provisional ballots.

Talking Ed NoteIn the sixth ward, a voting machine broke and voters came out of the booth saying they did not see their votes tallied after hitting the button in the 6-5 district. 

This is a very strong Reform district so it’s likely Jen Giattino may have accidentally lost almost 100 votes there.  

The undervote in the 6-5 was the highest by far of any contested race in the city. So IMHO, Jen Giattino likely saw  closer to 800 votes ballpark. The issue will be raised with the County but it’s unclear what remedy if any is even available. It’s not anyone’s fault and doesn’t change Councilwoman Giattino’s decisive victory.

The Tea Building turned out and produced a decisive 278 votes for Tiffanie Fisher in the second ward.

In the third ward, Operation Mayhem rose up leading to a huge “Personal Choice” victory for Solomon Dwek. The 48 votes manually produced far surpassed all others combined across the city.

Congratulations to Solomon Dwek!

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