Hoaxes near and far are the new, hip and politically correct victimology

A TV actor is in custody this morning in Chicago, a “victim” of truthful overexposure to his self-acclaimed and self-evidenced victimology.

One could say it’s truly “deplorable.” The #JussieSmolletHoax as Jussie Smollett will be remembered in years to come is only the latest where politics and politicians weave their narratives in concerted plans to declare victim hood, theirs or others with the singular objective to have them elevated to higher office.
Smollett isn’t a lone assassin. He’s had plenty of company in recent years. Questions are being raised about his rehearsed, staged hoax and how it may connect to anti-lynching legislation passed in the Senate by US wannabe presidential candidates Cory Booker and Kamala Harris. Impeccable timing that.
The political consistency of these hoaxes and their frequency have surfaced in almost every aspect of life nationally in recent years. From university settings and now to the little screen, it’s their exposure that’s telling. With the Jussie Smollett Hoax, an actual hate crime directed against tens of millions of Americans to the Ravi Terror Flyer in the 2017 Hoboken mayoral election, each features similar commonalities and similar desires. The outcomes are new with the most recent hoaxes backfiring on their creators but the motive is always the same.
When every action and every individual is viewed through the prism of being willful political operatives for the “cause,” truth is often the first casualty. The epidemic of hoaxing, national and otherwise have become common fodder.
Smollett faces up to three years in prison for his filing a false police complaint but that’s Chicago. In Hoboken, it would be unthinkable that the political use of a criminal accusation would face actual justice. This editor faced one after another fake criminal complaints over years and no judicial or law enforcement authority ever asked if a counter-complaint would be forthcoming when each including one courtesy of the noxious Beth Mason was evidenced as, wait for it… a hoax.
When exposed in unseemly political operations, more political operatives rise to declare themselves victims. Newly signed up tough guys who allow their puppet masters to declare them wussies for political gain.

We haven’t even mentioned the Ravi Terror Flyer hoax. You can’t handle the truth you were turned into a chump in the mayor’s race. Your head might explode if that truth comes out. Or is it when?

Hoaxing is so in, it’s become commonplace. From the #RussiaCollusionHoax, the #CovingtonKidsHoax, the Kavanaugh Hoax and now the Jussie Smollet Hoax, the motives behind each are packaged in victimology.
Does the simple truth make you mad? Not at the hoaxers but at a statement of the truth? 

Mash up: Jussie’s crying performance on TV vs. the Chicago Police Dept.

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