HHA tenant group gives the finger to Carmelo Garcia’s Vision 20/20

Anti-Vision 20/20 HHA tenant group comes out swinging against Carmelo Garcia and Vision 20/20

Fresh off the weekend revelation an anti-Vision 20/20 group based in the Hoboken Housing Authority has emerged with one of its members going public, the response to alleged threats and bullying is anything but intimidated.

On Hoboken Patch, Save the Projects today wrote a comment about its Vision 20/20 story where Carmelo Garcia predicted its eventual success decrying the lack of credible information and alleging threats and bullying, the latter being the physical real world type not the self-proclaimed online type by Beth Mason political operatives.

A confirmed HHA tenant group against Vision 20/20 refuses to be intimidated.
Their response to what they allege is threats and bullying including
one of “breaking your arm” is anything but.

Here’s STP’s comment:

This article is disgusting. Rather than a serious news article, it seems more like a paid advertisement for Mr. Garcia and the developers behind Vision2020. It completely fails to point out that dissenters are threatened and bullied and too frightened to come to meetings. 

What type of public meeting is this, where dissenters or even potential can’t attend or have equal time to demand real facts about the plan and voice their real concern that their homes will be demolished, so their land can be turned over to private developers for profit? For shame Mr. Garcia. For shame Zack Koeske! 

We in public housing aren’t stupid to sign our own eviction. We say no to Vision 2020 Eviction. If you (edit) currently live in Public Housing or would like to support our cause to protect public housing, please contact us at:; call 201-855-9732. Check us out also on Facebook at: Save the Hoboken Projects. 

Have you been retaliated against, denied entrance to a meeting, or threatened? Please contact us for help and assistance.

Talking Ed Note: The STP Facebook page can be found at:

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