HHA residents allege eviction over opposition to Carmelo Garcia’s Vision 20/20

HHA residents allege eviction attempts last week for opposing Vision 20/20 

Two HHA residents have come out from the cold saying they were given eviction notices last week, apparently for opposing Carmelo Garcia’s controversial Vision 20/20 plan.

The HHA residents are part of a weekend page one lead story in the Hoboken Reporter.

One of the HHA residents, Jessica Coco has come out publicly saying she is a member of an HHA resident group called “Save the Projects” opposing Garcia and his Vision 20/20 as a plan to eliminate minorities in Hoboken.

Garcia denied the residents’ eviction claims but admitted a letter from HHA counsel Charles Daglian to Coco where she was ordered to “cease and desist” for alleged flyer distribution.  Coco states two flyers after hers had no connection to the “Save the Projects” HHA tenant group she is a member of and she faced racial epithets among other acts of intimidation for not agreeing to march for Vision 20/20.

Coco’s story of intimidation originally detailed on Grafix Avenger in a story, “Terror at the HHA” led her to filing a complaint with the Hoboken Police Department. While describing herself as an activist, she said she’s been targeted being “the only person smart enough to think of doing this,” recounting what she’s been told by HHA staff.

The Hoboken Reporter joined the fray following the earlier stories on Grafix Avenger and MSV detailing there’s two residents who claim they were issued eviction notices for voicing opposition to Carmelo Garcia and his Vision 20/20 plan.

Ironically, a letter appearing in the weekend paper previously submitted to Hudson County TV by HHA tenant advisory board member Debra Morrissette said there were no such residents in opposition to Garcia’s Vision 20/20.

Legal observers reviewing the Daglian letter have described it as problematic saying it gives civil rights grounds for Coco to file a lawsuit against Carmelo Garcia, Charles Daglian and the Hoboken Housing Authority

Garcia continues to push his Vision 20/20 plan in friendly astroturf HHA locations with a 110 page brochure from 2010 while refusing to provide any redevelopment plan details to the public.

Two HHA residents have come out from the cold saying they faced eviction connected to opposing
Carmelo Garcia’s Vision 20/20 Vision Money/Money plan.
Will anyone come to their aid and protection?

Talking Ed Note: What will Morrissette now do for the residents who claim they were both given eviction notices for using their constitutional rights to free speech?  At the City Council meeting last week, she claimed there were no HHA residents speaking out and if they were, they should go to her.

MSV invites Debra Morrissette to tell Hoboken what she will do to protect these HHA residents or any others who dare use their constitutional rights not in agreement with Carmelo Garcia.  Send it to

MSV unequivocally supports Jessica Coco’s First Amendment rights and any HHA resident.  
Jessica Coco originally came out from the cold to Grafix Avenger, in part writing:
I’ve just had someone tell me they have been threatened with eviction and even bodily harm to their children. I don’t know the whole story of how they were targeted, because the person is traumatized to the emff degree, as expected. This is unacceptable. No one should have their kids threatened. This is gangsterism. And all in the name of profits!! C****** is abusing his position trying to ram down the throats of residents to sign their own eviction papers. Who threatens children?  

As you probably have figured out he has paid goons to march for the plan to give it legitimacy and to bully & threaten people.  I was threatened about 2 weeks ago to march with a group & called racial epithets for not joining.  I think the only reason they didn’t put me on the undesirable list is because they thought after threatening me, that I must have to go to work if they couldn’t bully me to join. Whatever the reason, being pointed out by two goons and being called a “(descriptive expletive)“, and demanding to know why isn’t he “with us” is disconcerting to say the least.

I am not alone in my feelings as you are aware. We are too afraid to come forward and be vocal at meetings or even show our faces at meetings or go door to door. With people being threatened and now its stooped to threatening resident’s children, you can understand. I fear for my children. If we had supporters who would join us in our battle, we would feel more confident coming forward & really organizing a resistance perhaps even throwing C****** out of office as he should be. We are really afraid. 

Original Carmelo Garcia – Money Money graphic courtesy Jhnny Newman

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