HHA meeting sees rear guard attempt to re-appoint Daglian counsel

Back door attempt to reappoint Charles Daglian HHA legal counsel leads to more disruptions at HHA meeting

Hoboken Housing Authority Executive Director Carmelo Garcia following his never say die to get his way strategy against his bosses on the Board of Commissioners saw an effort to once again reappoint Charles Daglian as HHA counsel fail.

At this meeting, the minutes were in question as the recorded vote by most observers was clearly 4-3 with the reform oriented members voting against reappointment.  Judy Burrell already facing a police complaint by a resident believed to be in league with Carmelo Garcia on a cross-charges of harassment, corrected the vote recorded in the minutes saying she had voted for Daglian’s appointment.

Burrell stated she had voted no to the re-appointment.  Garcia says he will seek outside counsel to examine the question.  If his selected counsel tries to say Daglian is re-appointed, there’s more controversy and a likely challenge to the governing federal agency HUD.  An earlier review by the agency called the appointment of Daglian “legally flawed.” 

Later HHA resident Barbara Reyes lodged accusations the reform members failed to read the minutes and correct the recorded vote. Commissioner Jake Stuiver had condemned the counsel vote at the previous meeting saying it was illegal because the HUD process demands a bidding opportunity before another vote on Daglian’s appointment can be taken.  Daglian’s reappointment has failed in five previous attempts.

In a recent Hoboken Patch story, HHA ED Carmelo Garcia along with Charles Daglian predicted in advance of the bidding process Daglian would be the recommendation for a sixth vote.  Stuiver called any such action an act of insubordination.

In the video below Barbara Reyes who has been voted down twice in the City Council for a seat not vacated by HHA commissioner Stuiver complains Ruben Ramos council slate candidate Eduard Gonzalez who is also an HHA commissioner had been “set up” when he was unanimously voted to be the Vice Chair of the HHA.

Another resident complained directly to Reyes about her complaint that Eduardo Gonzalez can speak for himself, “He has a mouth, he could have said something” at the previous meeting when the nomination and vote was held.  A heated exchange takes place before a Hoboken police officer breaks up the disagreement.

Not seen on the video is a threat issued by Carmelo Garcia BFF Joe Branco.  Branco reportedly threatened to rent a bus and fill it with HHA residents to travel to Pennsylvania and launch a protest outside the home of Jake Stuvier.

Branco who had been the co-campaign manager for the November BoE slate Move Forward has had his name mentioned in connection to another vehicle – the Nazi truck.  While denying he held in a role in its appearances during the campaign, a Move Forward commercial was shown on the Nazi Truck, the same vehicle on the night of the BoE election.

Late June, some HHA residents staged a protest outside the home of commissioners Dave Mello and Greg Lincoln. Both Mello and Lincoln voted in favor of the first building in the controversial Vision 20/20 plan advanced by HHA ED Carmelo Garcia.

The public has made continued calls to see the plan but none has been forthcoming other than a brochure from almost two years ago outlining an option to more than double the downtown HHA campus from 806 units to more than 1865.

Many residents have complained about the lack of transparency in what some are calling “Vision Money Money” referring to what Jake Stuiver has called a rogues list of people calling for Vision 20/20 to be approved with no public process and transparency.

Many Hoboken residents see Vision 20/20 as a high density construction scam intended to make millions for the developer and an unknown group of connected Hoboken residents.

The video is courtesy of Hudson County TV.

Talking Ed Note: At last week’s City Council meeting Beth Mason announced she would be sponsoring a resolution to seat Barbara Reyes on the HHA board in a third attempt in recent council meetings.  Reyes has failed in two prior attempts to receive the required five votes.

Beth Mason can be seen toward the latter part of the video standing by a pillar.  While she was said to be enjoying the attacks on reform HHA members in public portion, she did not like it when the scene goes out of control and a camera is clearly focused on her. She first slinks behind the pillar before she makes a run for it as the video ends.

Jake Stuiver is currently listed in holdover status and there’s word he may in fact be returning to Hoboken.  Recently the Hoboken Housing Authority website showed an update where Jake Stuiver had been removed as a commissioner. The reasons why he was removed are unclear but the control of the website and any changes fall under HHA ED Carmelo Garcia.  After the change was pointed out, Stuiver has been re-added.

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