HHA Executive Director contract subject of renegotiation

At a contentious Hoboken Housing Authority meeting, a late agenda item to terminate the contract of Executive Director Carmelo Garcia was introduced but later withdrawn in favor of negotiations to change terms on the completion of the agreement.

Here’s the key portion of the meeting after the recess:

Voice at the two minute mark from the audience is Hoboken resident Perry Belfiore.  Others in attendance: former councilman Chris Campos who hijacked the proceedings numerous times with inappropriate and out or order “point of order” interruptions, Council members Terry Castellano, Ravi Bhalla and Tim Occhipinti (also yelling out of order at the chair).

Occhipinti was thrown out out of the meeting later for grandstanding at the microphone and refusing to stop speaking outside of a resolution but the chair later relented.  (One observer called that performance Tim Occhipinti’s official launch for mayor.)

Other attendees: Michele Russo, mother of third ward councilman Michael Russo, Hoboken Democratic Chairman Jamie Cryan, former HHA commissioner Marianne Camporeale, Mason political operatives Barry Brendel, Tim Brendel and also the Calicchio brothers.  Nick Calicchio spoke at the meeting while brother Matt, a fourth ward Democratic Committeeman and full time Beth Mason political operative was thrown out for disruption.  He would later sneak back in during the recess and remain unchallenged.  Earlier outside the meeting room, MSV heard him telling Lt. Campbell he wanted to file a harassment complaint against Jake Stuiver for “talking” to him.

Talking Ed Note: A lot transpired this evening. Da Horsey faced arrest on several fronts, defamation, personal attacks including charges by Timmy Occhipinti.  He yelled out “hypocrite” twice to Horsey without explanation and an invitation minutes later to speak “anytime you want” was rebuffed in his typical petulant style.  His 575 ‘campaign workers’ who almost all magically voted-by-mail were on the whole not in attendance.

Former fourth ward councilman Chris Campos who no longer lives in Hoboken as heard, exchanged some nice discussion in the hallway early (first time meeting) but then during the recess Campos would come over and try to stage an arrest claiming a resident told him he was threatened by Da Horsey.

More on that and another evening of fun and games and distractions galore but no HUD letter.

It’s as if that letter never existed in the local Hoboken media.  MSV is the only news outlet which has printed it and addressed it on the substance.  As an aside, the relevant issues in the letter were barely touched upon at the meeting.

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