HHA Chair Wefer: “No truth” to rumors residents being kicked out

A week after the termination of Carmelo Garcia’s contract, Hudson County View’s John Heinis interviewed the HHA Chair to discuss the current issues.

From the interview:

  • The HHA’s elevator agreement was cancelled as of last month lacking payment of $125,000 owed and the service provider was no longer responsive to elevator issues.  The HHA Board was NOT informed of the vendor cancellation and monies owed.
  • A problem with the locksmith vendor owed thousands of dollars led to major problems for residents who could not obtain keys and locks.
  • Those problems should be resolved by the end of this week.
  • The HHA is bringing back Bob DeVincent though an agreement with West New York with Richard Fox – over 60 years of Executive Director experience between them to “right the ship” by the end of the year.
  • It’s “absolutely untrue” residents are all being evicted. 
  • It’s unclear who is spreading the bad rumors.
  • “We need to bring the HHA buildings into this century.”
  • The generators “have been sitting out for a long time.” Another issue to rectify.

Talking Ed Note: Who is going to bear the brunt of presenting these factual tidings to council members Terry Castellano, Michael Russo, Timmy Occhipinti and Beth Mason. Not to worry, they will ignore it and keep pumping out the vitriol of fabrications to whoever will listen.

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