HHA brings a message to the City Council

At the last City Council meeting, HHA residents came for the second time to press for approval on a plan that did not exist, offered no redevelopment details and no communication to the impact on neighborhoods and the City at large.

Of course this is Vision 20/20, a plan limited to presenting more than doubling the size of the existing HHA with over 1800 units with higher density.  HHA ED Carmelo Garcia’s claim the HHA Board has options fails to show there was only ONE visual presentation offered to Hoboken – the one with 1850 plus units from the existing 806 units in the HHA downtown in a 2012 HHA meeting presentation.

One longtime parks activist witnessed the display at the council meeting and spoke during public portion saying respect is not a one way street adding they were “appalled” at what they were seeing on the dais and in the audience.
Councilman Dave Mello found himself the point of an ugly attack by HHA resident Michelle Lesane.  She accused the councilman of calling residents monkeys. That “slander” was directed at the councilman who happens to be a school teacher in the south Bronx, a minority community with large demands of teachers.

Watch how gleeful the Hoboken Sopranos are and ask what principle and policy do Beth Mason, Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti represent?

The Old Guard wants to profit from and control Hoboken with Vision 20/20 its linchpin.  Beyond that, what other message do you think they are sending the larger Hoboken community applauding this behavior?

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