HHA board applicants line up for consideration at upcoming City Council meeting Wednesday night


Several applications for the open HHA commissioner position are available for the City Council Wednesday but only two are likely seeking consideration.

Local business owner Joseph Branco who lobbied council members for weeks prior to the last HHA vote eventually lost out to at-large City Councilman David Mello who took over the expired seat of Councilman Michael Russo.  His recent application remains active and he noted via email he views it similarly.

Joseph Branco (r) speaking with Councilman Peter Cunningham at a local restaurant.

Branco had been a supporter of former mayor Peter Cammarano until his surprise arrest and resignation and has actively supported Mayor Zimmer since along with neighbor and colleague Carmelo Garcia at the BoE.  He’s recently attended BoE meetings and voiced complaint about access to the Hoboken High School pool for a weekend family event along with opposing the Kids First majority.  In recent months Branco has actively backed local charity efforts hosting fundraisers for Hoboken fire victims at Room 84.

The other applicant vying for the appointment is Greg Lincoln, the upstart 2011 council candidate who drew over 400 votes in the 3rd ward election against the long entrenched Russo clan in the form of Councilman Michael Russo.  Lincoln now a 4th ward resident where much of the HHA resides ran an aggressive campaign highlighting corruption and the FBI surveillance tapes of Russo and federal informant Solomon Dwek.

In the end, Russo himself ran a focused campaign easily winning by drawing from his subsidized base of neighbors at Church Towers but Lincoln earned accolades for his come out of nowhere effort.

Five votes are required to be appointed by the City Council and in the last nomination, Branco earned all four council minority votes.

Greg Lincoln (r) attended the Malibu Diner book signing of The Jersey Sting getting an autographed copy from co-authors Ted Sherman (l) and Josh Margolin.

Talking Ed Note: After the complaints about the opening at the HHA, expect the battle to quickly move on to the two candidates vying for the seat.

The council agenda did not show a name mistakenly entered on the resolution.

Unrelated: At Hoboken Patch, Beth Mason’s minion family continues to speculate on every possible thing under the sun about getting a traffic ticket.  MSV can confirm the Council President was insured as he stated last week and the car was tended to appropriately.

Do you think you can get Mason operatives to address the Mason Civic League?

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