HFHA post-election gathering at The Shannon

HFHA announces:

Thank you one and all for contributing to this very hard-fought win. Thank you for volunteering, for making calls, for distributing & posting flyers, for participating in our fundraisers, for tabling and knocking on doors, for designing our posters, flyers and buttons, for sending out emails, for wearing our t-shirts, for writing letters, for commenting on blogs, for sharing our posts and tweets, for telling your friends and neighbors about the ramifications should this initiative pass, for donating what you could, for making others aware of this critical vote, for holding a sign and passing out palm cards or grabbing a megaphone (a la Tom Vezzetti) and asking everyone to vote no on election day and, perhaps most important, for casting your own NO vote on Hoboken Public Question #1.

Please join the Hoboken Fair Housing Association (HFHA) in a Celebration of our sweet sweet victory at the polls.

When: Tonight – Thursday November 21st
Where: The Shannon – 106 First Street, Hoboken
Time: 7:00-10:00 (& the Shannon is extending their happy hour ’til 9:00 just for us!)

We looking forward to seeing everyone’s smiling face on the 21st

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