Hey HUD, is this the kind of partisanship in the Hatch Act you meant?

MSV hasn’t verified the details but it’s not a rumor either.  It’s a day before the partisan primaries and there is a “rally” scheduled for later tonight at Mama Johnson Field.

One HHA resident wrote in a public online message, “Hey Hoboken Housing Residents – DON’T FORGET TO COME TO OUR RALLY AT 6 PM ON MAMA JOHNSON’S FIELD TOMORROW EVENING.”
The resident is virulently anti-Reform and a strong supporter of the Old Guard and HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.
Are you allowed to hold campaign rallies on federal property in a partisan race as you are being paid with federal money as the Hoboken Housing Director?
Is that some kind of triple dipping Hatch violation record or what?
Does the Hatch Act have any relevance to the shameless Hoboken Housing Authority politics?
If you think it does, you can contact HUD in Newark and ask them.
In the interim, people should stop by and shoot some pictures and send them to MSV.  
Sounds like a lot of fun will be hatched tonight!
A 2010 photo of an earlier party at Mama Johnson Field. 
Talking Ed Note: Hey, will Union City Mayor Brian Stack be coming down the hill and making an unannounced appearance at the “rally” tonight?
Looks like the disgraceful trampling of the Hatch Act will be on full display this evening.
Here’s background on another shameless display from Carmelo Garcia in 2010:
These facts of course will be attacked as “hate” from the usual suspects.

Update: A source close to Carmelo Garcia called to say the HHA residents were indeed holding a rally but it was their rally not Carmelo Garcia’s. In addition, the unnamed rally to be held on federal property may actually feature a visit by the one and only HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia who happens to be a candidate for partisan office tomorrow.

Let’s not of course confuse a rally of HHA residents on federal property with an election tomorrow starring their Executive Director, Carmelo Garcia.

MSV inquired if this HHA rally was part of a spontaneous display by the HHA residents but the source was not at Mama Johnson Field.  Maybe someone with an iPhone or other photographic device will obtain photos from the location.

No doubt this will be most reassuring to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

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