Hey Horsey show us the juice?

Well since you asked, there’s a City Council meeting on Wednesday and the first item on the agenda is resolution #1 – appointing a replacement to fill the open at-large Council seat!

There’s been much whispering, questioning and jockeying on who will be standing up for the Hoboken community, but no one in the know is saying.

Da Horsey has a good idea but we’re not going to tell you and we’re staying below the radar.  If someone wants a horse’s opinion they’d ask and no one did.  No issue here, we’re open to organic carrots and dark chestnut fillies.

The Council pick is not any of the top selections forwarded to you by Al Sullivan in the Hudson Reporter.  In our first ever conversation this week, Al and I had a friendly chat about journalistic norms but I’ll keep views on mine to myself as we didn’t speak on the record.  I did however send a lovely on the record quote via email.  Maybe next week Al you can let folks the truth about where Da Horsey spends summer vacation!  Stop being spun by paid political operatives and speak to the source and by all means make a timely correction.

So now to address Sullivan’s “Between the Lines choices.  None of the top names listed made a serious shortlist from MSV’s perspective including any former elected officials such as previously serving council members Michael Lenz and Tony Soares.

Hoboken Housing Chairman Jake Stuiver also mentioned in Sullivan’s column had posted a comment on MSV just earlier this week he was not even considering himself a candidate but both long time activists Jim Doyle and Eric Kurta were mentioned by readers as great picks.

MSV doesn’t expect any of those names other than Jim Doyle or another strong candidate to be sworn in Wednesday night.

HHA Chair Jake Stuiver at the City Hall Michael Russo protest is not a candidate to backfill the at-large council seat.
He has a big job on his plate and quashed the idea in a comment on MSV earlier this week.

At Monday’s City Council meeting, five votes are needed to backfill the council seat.  The mayor will certainly be there in case there’s need for a tie-breaker.

Here’s what we’ll say about the appointment.  It will be a choice highly respected in the community who has served Hoboken over many years in more ways than one with both honor and distinction.  It will probably be no surprise to many this person has stepped into the fire leading into 2013 municipal elections.  It’s not beyond the pale they will receive more than four votes if the council minority doesn’t put forward a sacrificial lamb to go down in flames immediately thereafter.

On Monday Grist for the Mill is back examining a whole host of juicy tidbits from the Old Guard’s BoE slate kickoff in the reoccupied Room 84 underground to the Michael Russo-FBI-Solomon Dwek saga of the missing deposits in his Russo for Hoboken campaign account.

Guess who is aiding and abetting in that cover-up?  It’s the same editors who have been refusing to mention anything about the real story for weeks!

While the years late Michael Russo ELEC reports are filed, the public doesn’t get to view the deposits telling all in the bank statements of Russo for Hoboken.  The Hudson Reporter isn’t providing them to the public while telling us there’s nothing to see there.

As if.

Michael Russo makes lots of noise and much of it barely qualifies as more than that.  You can hear the desperation reading his statements.

We’ll have more on that next week.

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