Here comes the judge!

Hoboken was turned on its ear late yesterday when a NJ administrative judge took umbrage with a now four year old ethics complaint and voiced equally strong reservations about the critic laying the charge.

The after effects of the quake are not being felt; they haven’t even started. So as the rumble is continuing and based on yesterday’s story, Councilwoman Beth Mason remains in hiding, here’s a fixing of what MSV has coming next week.

Da Horsey will have more from Hoboken politico Perry Belfiore. He has much to say about the tangle of late and what he may further seek on this and other related Hoboken matters.

Complete remarks of the administrative judge from the actual hearing. The City of Hoboken was represented by Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo. Her arguments before the judge won the day.

More analysis on what this may mean for a changing tide in Hoboken. Whether you agree with the judge or not, is there a lesson to be learned in Hoboken’s toxic political environment?

Equally of import, does Beth Mason get a clue writing more family checks advancing the politics of personal destruction of others, be it Hoboken citizen, activist or fellow council colleague is not only completely wrong and amoral but bad politics?

Beth Mason: a major loser with the savage attacks
on Councilman Ravi Bhalla thrown out. Her expenditures
were central in underwriting those attacks.
Councilman Ravi Bhalla, a resounding winner
and a major victory after four years fighting a
“frivolous, unwarranted, bigoted” ethics complaint.” So said the judge.
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