Help Kids First mobilize against the Nazi Truck people, pony up!

From the desk of BoE trustee and Kids First candidate Ruth McAllister

Dear Friends,

As you all know, I am running for re-election to the Hoboken Board of Education on the Kids First Ticket with Tom Kluepfel, and Jean Marie Mitchell.  Kids First is a grassroots organization that runs its campaigns through Hoboken residents donating their time and money.  Our friends have been great this year, and we are almost at our goal.  We are in the home stretch but still need to raise money.  Below is the link to the donation web page.  No amount is too little to help us get the word out.  We have made a lot of progress in the last three years, please help us keep moving forward!

Thank you and most important, VOTE KIDS FIRST!

Kind Regards,
Ruthy McAllister

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