Hear ye, hear ye…

Friends, Romans, and Hobokenites: lend me your ears.  Although the poorly planned and executed resolution (item 39) on limiting public speech at City Council meetings was tabled last night and sent to committee for reworking, the hot air flowed ever so lovingly with the warm air outdoors.

The best result from this exercise: more than a dozen people came out to speak against the notion the public is a good place to start on limiting the endlessly long meetings.  There’s plenty to be done among the Council themselves.  How about starting with limiting their comments?  That would at least end the grandstanding that goes on even when an election is nowhere in sight.  Even better, it would force members to apply their words wisely.  In addition, the idea of moving the public portion to the beginning is an excellent one and widely supported, however unless the resolution pack is going to provide more detail in a clearly understandable way for the public – those efforts and effectiveness will be lost.  As Hoboken resident Jim Doyle pointed out, the lack of detail doesn’t help the public to understand what the agenda items are all about.

Grafix Avenger has hit a nerve and MSV has to note the irony of proclaiming victimhood among the small angry “I’d have a top job in City Hall” man club if Beth Mason had been elected – all the while defending and espousing censorship at the uptown hate merchant of Hoboken411.  It’s one thing to be a hypocrite and quite another to write the political commentary there as “news” and then respond to it in a family effort of multiple screen names in a ceaseless push of propaganda on behalf of the never ending Mason will obtain high office or we’ll die trying campaign.  How much has this political family been paid by Councilwoman Mason since 2009 for their hatchet work?  Can hatred alone be enough to keep the unemployed that busy?  Da Horsey calls it a pick’em.

Related: The Hudson Reporter has a pretty good companion piece on this issue.  Although the example cited is very good, it’s still somewhat concerning that the most political people with long storied political histories seem to be quoted among the more than a dozen folks who came out to speak on the resolution.  MSV thinks the local news outlets should be more careful about that and hopes in the future they will.


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