Health Fair Rescheduled, +1

The Health, Fitness and Nutrition Fair scheduled for October 25th is now being held on Sunday, November 1st, from 2:00 – 5:00.  With the new Clearview Cinemas opening and family events for their launch coinciding, it’s thought best to have both dates available.

The event is still being held at the Multi-Service Center, 124 Grand Street.  There will be a raffle bike give-away as well.

Another organization will be represented as well.  Hopes Community Action Partnership (HOPES) will have a table providing information on education, professional training and other community assistance.  Click on the link to learn more.

Seasonal flu shots will be made available to HHA residents along with a number of activities: biking, bike tips, karate, and more.  Sponsorship for bike giveaways is again a high priority on the list for children.  If you would like to support the event or make a bike donation please contact Jake Stuiver at

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