HCV: Old Guard looks to recruit reform oriented council members

With the climate change delivering record snowfall hitting in our area, John Heinis of the Hudson County View published a feature on the come from behind appointment of Kurt Gardiner to the North Hudson Sewerage Authority.

In the aftermath of Gardiner’s appointment, the commissioner-elect stated three reform oriented council members indicated they intended to vote for Frank “Pupie” Raia: Dave Mello, Peter Cunningham and Ravi Bhalla. If joined by affirmative votes from Michael Russo and Ruben Ramos, three decades on the NHSA for Raia would be assured with a five vote council majority.

Here’s an excerpt from the HCV feature:

After weeks of speculation that a deal had been cut between Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer and prominent developer/political power broker Frank Raia, the city council brought Raia’s 27-year-run on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority to a screeching halt. 
Photo courtesy of John Heinis, the Hudson County View
For the rest of the Hudson County View exclusive feature see:

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