HCV: Mayor Zimmer derides illegal Hoboken Democratic Committee actions

Chairman Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano confirms Michael Russo “vacated” Vice Chair position 

HCV confirms MSV’s earlier story – Romano: Neither Beth Mason nor Carmelo Garcia honorary chairs

Emails from Mayor Zimmer slams Romano for improper meeting actions

In a late-breaking exclusive feature, the Hudson County View confirms in an interview with Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano the position of Vice Chair held by Third Ward Councilman Michael Russo is vacated.

MSV earlier this week wrote in an exclusive “Grist for the Mill” column Michael Russo would be stepping down from the Hoboken Democratic Committee position of Vice Chair.

Video of the Hoboken Democratic Committee meeting published by Hudson County View also shows committeewoman Ines Garcia Keim objecting to the nomination of Councilman Michael Russo. On the video she can be heard during the nomination of Vice Chair saying,

“the Vice Chair needs to be a female if the chair is a male.”
Committeewoman Ines Garcia Keim

After those words are stated aloud, Michael Russo goes directly over to Garcia Keim who promptly falls silent.

Later in the video a question of the necessity of the Vice Chair being an elected committee member is raised. After time is taken for review, it’s Carmelo Garcia telling Romano the bylaws are “amended” allowing Russo to assume the position although not an elected committeeman.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer in an email exchange with Romano (and an elected committeewoman in the 4-5 committee district) objects to the secrecy of the actions taken by the executive committee. She calls for a public meeting of the Democratic Committee members to rectify the issues.

Carmelo Garcia, the controversial former Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority refused to confirm Chairman Romano’s stipulation there was no honorary chair action taken. He claims he was named and holds the position.

This story is breaking. For the complete details and late-breaking story, please see the Hudson County View:

Additional video of last week’s Hoboken Democratic Committee meeting comes courtesy of John Heinis and the Hudson County View:

Talking Ed Note: Thanks to the Hudson County View for this breaking story and additional follow-up confirming MSV’s Grist for the Mill piece.

For more on the HCV story and exclusive emails between Mayor Zimmer and Freeholder Romano see: 

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