HCDO and Brian Stack team up: dump Hoboken Democratic Committee, select the Russo’s!

According to a breaking story by Timothy J. Carroll of PolitickerNJ, the Hudson County Democratic Organization is dumping the Hoboken Democratic Committee chaired by Councilman Ravi Bhalla as part of an agreement with Union City Mayor Brian Stack – and inserting the Russo candidates in this June’s local committee election.

Timothy Carroll says the move was part of a desire to avoid a repeat of a costly 2007 war between the HCDO and Brian Stack who also doubles as powerful State Senator.  He notes that it’s Hoboken and Mayor Dawn Zimmer who is the honorary chair of the Hoboken Democratic Committee who have been thrown under the Hop.

The mayor says the reasons for the action are based on a backroom deal between the HCDO and State Senator Stack to select the Russo clan.  The mayor is quoted as saying, “If (the HCDO) thinks this kind of conduct is acceptable, it’s not what true Democrats feel is acceptable,” she said.

The following is the letter to the county clerk where HCDO Chair Mark Smith selects the Russo ticket.  The timeline on the PolitickerNJ story shows it arrived after Councilman Ravi Bhalla’s submittal.  

The letter from Michele Russo follows on page two requesting the Russo candidates be placed on the Hudson County Democratic Organization line thus replaces the entire existing Hoboken Democratic Committee.


For the complete back story and the ins and outs of how Hoboken’s reformed Democratic Committee met its fate under the Hop, please see the absolutely superb sourced piece by Timothy Carroll:

Talking Ed Note:  MSV will have more on this. Now this is what a Machine looks like.  

Are you ready for a war?

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