Have a few minutes: clear the sewer grates on your block

If you have a few minutes, one of the things you can do is clear any debris on and around the sewer grates on your block.  Hoboken is going to need all the help it can get.

After tonight, don’t put out any garbage as through the weekend, it will get blown around and may find its way into sewer systems making things worse.

Horse Sense is concerned more with the high tides and the surging waters that are going to make for a lot of misery, especially in low lying areas.

Last chance to get yourselves or at least your cars out.  After 8:00 pm tomorrow, Hoboken streets are locked down!

Talking Ed Note: If you’ve battened down the hatches and are good to go, consider joining the group of volunteers tomorrow meeting 8:00 at Hoboken City Hall at City Council Chambers.  Brings a fully charged mobile phone and a phone charger.

Couple of folks tipped MSV off Hoboken411 is still having its usual hissy fit and not providing an iota of City information to residents made available by the mayor and City Hall.  What else is new?  The second rate website can’t get over it’s backing Beth Mason for mayor and those crushing defeats at the hands of Hoboken voters.  Many folks have left that site for good and moved on to better places like H-mag and  The latter surpassed Hoboken411 in US visitors.  Thousands of residents have gotten critical updates there from the city and of course here at MSV.

MSV will be staying online with or without electricity!  So bring it on Irene.

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