Has the downward spiral of Beth Mason cratered?

Latest Mason family efforts to buy political influence and position lands her in the Siberia tundra

With the ascension of new mayoral leadership in Jersey City and a wave of optimism in mayor-elect Steve Fulop’s impact through Hudson County, across the border in Hoboken the wreckage for Councilwoman Beth Mason is becoming clear as the dust settles. 
This is Beth Mason’s Tunguska moment and she’s not alone in her Siberian self-created wasteland.
The Mason family attempted to purchase a political future for Beth Mason pumping when it’s all told over $50,000 into the doomed Mayor Healy re-election campaign.  Besides leaving egg on the face of her political team, Beth Mason is viewed equally in Hoboken and Hudson County as a dead ender.  
The Mason family checkbook apparently carries a karmic taint all its own.
Can it get any worse for Hoboken’s litigious power hungry councilwoman?  In a word, yes.
Beth Mason’s efforts to buy power and political position have crashed and burned.  Again.

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